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Why Lohu?
About Lohuis Networks :
In 2008 Lohuis networks has been providing innovative wireless access solutions for WISPs and telecom carriers, service providers and enterprises around the world. Driven by technological innovation, guided by a veteran management team and imbued with a corporate philosophy that values long-term cooperation with its customers and partners, Lohuis is preparing users to meet future telecommunications and data delivery challenges while enabling them to deal quickly and effectively with their immediate access requirements.
Our vision:
To become the leading provider of wireless and broadband solutions in the field of voice, data, and multi-media applications with high security and access control in the convergence telecommunications environment in worldwide markets.
Experience Lohuis
People everywhere expect to do more with wireless, to communicate at high speed wherever they use their laptops, PDAs, or smart phones.
Combine voice, data, and multimedia without compromise.
Lohuis is helping to power the wireless revolution with industry-leading for wireless and broadband products. As a recognized Leader in high quality manufacture of advanced telecom Products, we are also enabling telecoms worldwide to have more capabilities into each new generation of products with advanced integration and custom designs, even as they extend wireless coverage/range and actual data throughput. All your needs are Equally important to us, we are with you at every step by step from expert project design and case study to planning and roadmaps for future generations of wireless projects.
You will not only have super range/coverage products, but your will also save money and time by using our advanced smart antenna, multi propose application integration ,amazing data throughput acceleration, and high security enabled products to keep your connections in safe.
Our Goal is to provide the telecoms most advanced and sophisticated wireless and broadband applications.
The Lohuis networks Advantage:
  • Secure
  • Wide Frequency Range
  • Amazing Throughput
  • Heavy Duty


Why you Must Chose our Products ?

Loss :
with High Output Power and the channel width control, We minimized the signal loss .

Lohu Product :

Other Products :

Interference :
with wide range of frequency options, and controlling channel width,  you can avoid any interference Issue

Base Stations:
 You can cover a large area (Up to 50 KM) with one Lohu Base Station.

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