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Category :   E1 Interface

Code : LOHU E2

     .Product Details.

As a cost effective solution for the traditional telecom services migrate to IP packet networking technology, It transports the legacy E1 data through the existing IP network.
LOHU E2 is the new generation of the TDM over IP equipment with IP circuit emulation that supports transportation of two E1 and one local Ethernet over IP network. The uplink ports and data ports are IEEE 802.3 comliant,10/100M BaseTauto-sensed Ethernet port.
Telecom and Enterprise users can save a lot of access and equipment costs and generates new revenue by offering different types of service over existing IP networks. It is also suitable for connecting to the wireless equipment to achieve fast deployment of E1 services. One particular application is to build E1 links with low cost Wireless equipment to bridges, replacing much more costly microwave radios. Operators can use LOHU E2 to provide legacy TDM services over wired or wireless packet network.

Features :
 - Transport framed and unframed E1 signal over IP network.
 - High delivery speed, low latency.
 - Optional E1 output clock: internal clock, external clock, network adaptable clock or the clock recovering from the E1 input line.
 - Network adaptable clock is stable, low jitter and low wander.
 - E1 information over the IP network with QoSguarantee.
 - Convenient to use, no complicated configuration.
 - Transport package based on the IP address, through network switches, routers network equipment etc.
 - Optional IP transport protocol: TCP,UDP.
 - 2 general UTP Ethernet interface, 10M/100M auto-negotiation, one for uplink, one for data.
Technical Specifications :

Model : LOHU E2 (1 uplink port,1 data port, 2E1 port)
IP uplink port : RJ-45 - Comply with IEEE802.3u - support HP auto-MDIX - 10M/100M auto-negotiation.
IP data port : RJ-45 - Comply with IEEE802.3 - usupport HP auto-MDIX - 10M/100M auto-negotiation - Full/half duplex auto-sensed - Telnet manager supported.
E1 port : BNC2E1 - unframed/framed ports supported - Comply with G.703 - Impedance: 75Ω.
Supply : -36V-72V DC or 165V-265V AC/50Hz.
Consumption : <20W.
Temperature : 0ºc~50ºc.
Relative Humidity : <90%(non-condensing).
Dimension : WxHxD(mm):440x44x210.
Weight : 3 KG

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