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LOHU Sector 519
LOHU Sector 519

Category :   4.9GHz ~ 6.1GHz

Code : 519

     .Product Details.
Lohu  sector 519 antenna is characterized by a high gain in the main radiation beam, due to wide reduction of side leafs. The antenna has an uniform gain characteristics for it's working frequency range: 5.10-5.875 GHz. The vertical polarization of the Lohu  sector 519 provides the very best signal in areas with horizontal polarized radio noise. Made of best materials and especially caulked up it provides high durability.

Model Lohu Sector 519
Gain 19 dBi
Operating frequency 5.10 - 5.875 GHz
Vertical beam width 6 degrees
Horizontal beam width 60 degrees
Impedance 50 Ohm
Connector N (f) socket
VSWR 1.4
Dimensions 740 / 120 / 60 mm
Weight 1.9 kg
Backward radiation -25 dBi
Polarization vertical
Mounting Mast handle, diameter from 1/2 to 7/4 inch (allows full rotation and azimuth correction).

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